Women’s Personal Development Retreat

Reconnect with your true nature and live the life you love

Women’s Retreats in Goa with Claudia Jones

1st - 5th Feb 2019 (1st - 6th if accommodation is taken)Find the Joy Within to Create the Life You Love Retreat

  Join one of our life-changing Women’s Retreats in Goa, this winter to re-connect with your authentic self and find your passion for life again!

Have you ever wondered how it would be to…

Experience freedom from the limiting beliefs holding you back in life?
Find, trust and follow your inner wisdom?
Choose a path of joy instead of pain?
Nurture and support yourself in a holistic way?
Create and live the life you love?

In our ‘Find the Joy Within to Create the Life You Love’ Women’s Retreats in Goa, Claudia will guide you through an inspiring series of workshops and practices that will give you the tools and step by step guidance you need to Create the Life you Love.

You’ll be nurtured and supported as you delve deep into your psyche to uncover:

  • The essence of who you really are
  • What you truly want in life
  • Your unique path to creating the life you love

If you’re ready to step beyond your everyday experience and take action to make your dreams a reality then one of our Women’s Retreats in Goa is perfect for you.

Join one of our special women’s retreats in Goa for a series of powerful and inspiring workshops where you’ll…

Experience a journey of SELF-INQUIRY so you can peel back the layers of your conditioned mind revealing your true nature.

Learn ancient yogic and Buddhist practices such as mindfulness, meditation, pranayama (breathing practices) mantra and mudra. You’ll PURIFY, quiet and empty the mind bringing peace and opening the gateway to your innate wisdom.

Come into ALIGNMENT with your essential nature. You’ll be able to begin to fearlessly express yourself through learning how to silence your inner critic.  You’ll practice learning to trust your intuition through play with self reflection tools such as the language of colour, journaling, and divination arts.

Design a unique and NURTURING personal practice ritual inspired from all that you’ve learned on the retreat. Through guided meditation and an introduction to natural healing practices you’ll create self-care plan that will fully support you to create the life you love.

CREATE a powerful vision board complete with supportive affirmations, creative visualisation practices and a dynamic action plan to support you to find the joy within and make the life you love a reality.

Throughout our women’s retreats in you’ll experience…

  • A Series of Powerful and Inspiring Transformative Workshops
  • Gentle Yoga Practices
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Relaxing Breathing Techniques
  • Guided Meditations
  • Daily Heart Rituals
  • Opportunity for Healing Therapies and Coaching Sessions
  • Time for walks along the Beautiful, Ibiza Coastline
  • You-Time for Relaxation and Letting Go


575 EUR (46,500 INR) including lunch and dinner - non residential price 

Accommodation Available - including breakfast, lunch and dinner 

  • Standard Rooms Single - 950 euros per person
  • Standard Room Shared - 775 euros per person 
  • Chakra Room Single - 1075 euros per person 
  • Chakra Room Shared - 875 euros per person
  • Cottage Single - 1125 euros per person 
  • Cottage Shared - 925 euros per person 

Women’s Retreats Schedule

Day One

Meet and Greet, Welcome and Introduction

Heart Ritual of gratitude, loving kindness, personal affirmation and mantra

Find the Joy Within Workshop on Self Inquiry. Using timeless self-inquiry practices, the first part of this workshop will guide you on a journey to reveal your true nature. The second part of the workshop will introduce a practical, powerful everyday tool that you can use for self-inquiry.

Gentle Yoga, breath work and mindfulness practices


Day Two

Heart Ritual of gratitude, loving kindness, personal affirmation and mantra

Find the Joy Within Workshop on Inner Wisdom. The first part of this workshop will focus on two guided journey processes, one into the emotional body and the other into the physical body. Through these journey processes, it is possible to release and heal unresolved physical and emotional issues. The second part of this workshop focuses on how through a shift in perspective, we prepare the ground for self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others.

 Gentle Yoga, breath work and mindfulness practices


Day Three

Heart Ritual of gratitude, loving kindness, personal affirmation and mantra

 Find the Joy Within Workshop on Self Care. In this workshop you will identify the areas of your life you need to focus on in order to truly nourish yourself on every level. We will explore a number of self-care tools such as Ayurveda, the language of colour, vibrational medicine and divination arts.

 Gentle Yoga, breath work and mindfulness practices


Day Four

Heart Ritual of gratitude, loving kindness, personal affirmation and mantra

Create the Life You Love Workshop on The Power of Affirmations and Visualisation to Create the Life You Love. In this workshop, you will begin to attract the Life You Love by using powerful affirmation and visualisation techniques as tools for transformation. You will create a personal daily affirmation and visualisation ritual to bring about the changes you wish to bring into your life and will receive guidance, a meditation and tools to help you in this process.

Gentle Yoga, breath work and mindfulness practices


Day Five

Heart Ritual of gratitude, loving kindness, personal affirmation and mantra

Create the Life You Love Workshop on Making the Life You Love a Reality. In his workshop, you will create your personal vision board, reflecting the new vision you have for your life that is aligned with your true nature. You will complete the process by identifying the action steps needed to make your vision a reality.

Gentle Yoga, breath work and mindfulness practices


Please note that the schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher

About Claudia

BSc (Hons) Psychology, MBPS, Yoga Alliance, Kaivalyadhama

Claudia is the founder and director of The Wellness Source, a company dedicated to empowering women to take charge of their wellbeing; supporting them toward living happier, healthier lives through wellness therapies, coaching, workshops and retreats. Claudia runs regular Women’s Retreats in Ibiza, Spain and Goa, India.

For the past two decades, Claudia has been inspiring and empowering women to take their personal growth to the next level so they can begin living the life they love.

Through her insightful coaching style and compassionate nature, Claudia skillfully guides women through gentle yet powerful processes to re-connect them with their authentic selves and supports them in aligning their outer reality with their true inner nature.

Claudia’s years of experience have given her a profound understanding of the uniqueness of every woman’s journey and this shines through in her ability to individually support every woman on her personal path. For Claudia, seeing a client taking bold steps toward living the life she truly wants to live is the ultimate reward

How to Secure Your Place

Places on the women’s retreats in Goa are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. Please use the contact form or email claudia@thewellnesssource.co.uk to request your place and I’ll get back to you with details on how to make your payment. Feel free to also contact me by telephone on: +44 7982843171 or +34 608412519

I’m excited to have you join me for this profound and life-enriching experience!

Claudia & The Wellness Source Team


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