Vineeta Sharma

Born in the beautiful and spiritual Himalayas of India, Vineeta Sharma embodies the essence of both yoga & spirituality and takes her students on a journey deep into one’s spiritual being.

Kind Remarks

“I am better for knowing her and will spend each and every day, until my last, thankful for her teachings and doing my absolute best to pay forward her kindness, compassion, and wisdom.”
Hannah S.

“She takes you on an incredible journey of self discovery. A life changing experience!”
 Valerie D.

VIneeta’s vast knowledge extends beyond her upbringing in India in a spiritual environment. She has a Master of Science degree in Yoga, with an emphasis on yoga therapy, which she received in her native India. This has allowed her an opportunity to provide a unique perspective of the healing power of yoga to share with her students. Her expertise in natural healing practices includes Meditation and Reiki.  As a Meditation teacher, she helps one find their inner peace through her workshops and programs.  As a Reiki Grandmaster, she provides private sessions to help restore one’s sense of well-being, while also conducting Reiki Training programs to help those who want to become Reiki Practitioners.

Kind Remarks

I never could have imagined the self learning I would experience and the clarity I would develop through my time spent with Vineeta. I view this experience as a true blessing in my life and in many ways just the beginning of the yoga path I have chosen.”
Allana B.

Vineeta has a calming presence and has the ability to work with each student at their level, meeting everyone's individual needs within the class, assisting them in the discovery of where they can go. Having the opportunity to work with Vineeta is life changing no matter what your goal, or where you are on your path. I will be forever full of gratitude for this fantastic experience! Namaste”
Tammy S.

Join Vineeta in 2021 for a special yoga training experience.

May this new path brings you peace, light and blissful joy with Vineeta.

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