Usha Keste

Usha Keste is an experienced and dedicated Iyengar Yoga teacher with a master degree in biology.
Usha learned Iyengar Yoga from Guruji bks Iyengar Geetaji . 
Usha married Dr.Abhay Keste and together since 2010 they have conducted classes at the Shrikant Yoga Centre.
Usha teaches ladies classes and attends to the patients in medical classes everyday both in the morning and evening. She has taught Iyengar Yoga to females at from the Miliatary with much success even teaching the Superintendent of Police in Belgaum family. Usha and her husband teach and deliver retreats and workshops here in Goa. 
Usha has a deep and practical knowledge of yoga therapy for women and the female anatomy ranging from menstrual tensions and osteoporosis

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