Thai Yoga Massage Savasana Workshop

Thai Yoga Massage Savasana Workshop
Aimed at: Specific for yogis and yoga teachers
Duration: 2 hours (specific for yogis and yoga teachers)
Price: 3,500 INR
Timing: 10am - 12pm 
Dates Available:

4th December 2018

8th January 2019

5th February 2019 

5th March 2019 

David has been active in the field of wellbeing for over 15 years as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, educator, meditator and healer. Having lived for over 20 years in Asia, he brings a wealth of experience in natural healing traditions from India, Thailand and Indonesia to his work. David had the privilege of studying natural healing and massage techniques directly from indigenous teachers affording him deep insight into the therapies that are such an integral part of daily life and wellbeing in the East.
David will be looking at the intersect between the worlds of massage and yoga and will be demonstrating techniques to help teachers position their students in the ultimate posture for savasana. The workshop will include foot massage with reflex points, neck and shoulder relaxation, stretches and traction.
Please wear comfortable clothes for the workshop. 
Accommodation is available at Devarya Wellness if required
Please contact to book your place

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