Devarya Wellness has two beautiful swimming pools. Our leisure pool (Soma) has a four foot depth with a small area suitable for younger children or for relaxing. Our larger swimming pool (Luna) has a five to seven foot depth. Both pools are surrounded by sun loungers for your relaxation and comfort. The pools are open exclusively to guests of Devarya Wellness Retreat India. We invite guests to use our pools from 8am – 6pm for your safety.

Why are our pools named Luna and Soma? Luna was the Roman Goddess of the Moon and Soma is a Hindi deity of the Moon. Having trouble remembering which pool is which?? Think L for Large and S for Small. Luna and Soma. Large and Small.

We provide pool towels on request. However we kindly ask that you do not take these to the beach, because they will spoil for other guests. Please be sure to shower before entering the pools to remove all suncreams and oils.

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