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Om Jai

Namaste family, my name is OM Jai. I am a Musician, DJ and Energy Healing Therapist of various modalities. I was brought up in the small quiet town of Bakewell, Derbyshire situated in the North of England. My life was drastically changed in 2014 at the young age of 18 when I found the powerful ancient practice of Shamanism. During this time a hugely profound spark ignited within me, bringing the recapitulation of our universal interconnectedness and remembrance of the inherent divinity of all things.

Over the past 4 years, the divine has blessed my life in countless ways as I have uncovered many gifts that lay dormant within myself and have been guided on a very beautiful spiritual journey of remembering, learning, studying, healing, expanding, flowering and so much more. I have had the pleasure of bathing in the wisdom of many profound spiritual teachers of many different forms and kinds from all around the world, and also receiving the blessings of working closely with some very powerful healers which have been hugely beneficial on my journey. 

I feel some of my gifts to the world and also, very fortunately my favourite things to do, is to get groups of souls singing and dancing together. Having had many powerful and divine experiences during singing and sound healing circles and on the dance floors. I deeply understand the true power of coming together in these ways and the profound healing and expansive potential that these art forms behold as we let go and freely express the light of our souls.

I sing and play the guitar, various world flutes, didgeridoo, frame drum, percussion, various sound healing tools including singing bowls. This year I have started holding singing circles and cacao ceremonies in my home town, which has been a huge success and is so fulfilling and expansive to share these magical experiences with others. So this year I am very excited to be joining the Devarya family and sharing space in these beautiful ceremonies with those that feel the call. I very much hope you can come and join at least one of our circles. I’m sure you will want to come again and again…

Much Love

OM Jai

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