Moving Into Stillness

In this Ashtanga Yoga Intensive, you will learn to use the breath as a tool to bring lightness to your practice and stillness to the mind. Each day will start with a morning meditation and breath work, followed by a dynamic Ashtanga Yoga practice.

In the afternoons we will explore several yoga techniques that help us come to a place of stillness within ourselves, including Pranayama (breathing), meditation and chanting.

This retreat is open to students with at least 12 months of yoga experience, ideally in Ashtanga Yoga. If you have experience in another style, please contact us to discuss.

Included in your package is accommodation, a delicious veggie buffet breakfast and dinner in the beach front restaurant. Full use of yoga shalas and props, evening activities, filtered drinking water / hot teas daily and the retreat package. Full use of resort amenities including relaxation areas and two swimming pools. 

Massage and wellness treatments are available on site at extra cost.  

Please contact Denis on for more information and booking enquiries 

Denis Juelicher

“Yoga enables me to make choices that allow me to lead a contented, happy life”

Denis has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since the late 90’s. In the beginning it was the dynamic, physically challenging aspect of the practice that drew her in. Expecting to lose interest in practicing the same sequence of postures on an ongoing basis, she found that it was just that repetition that gave her practice depth. The mat became a mirror for the best and worst going on in life.

Denis is accredited as a Senior Teacher (L3) with Yoga Australia. She has done workshops with PattabhiJois, ManjuJois and many highly recognized Ashtanga teachers, including Dena Kingsberg, David Swenson, and Matthew Sweeney.

Meeting Lino Miele on her first trip to India in 2001 has been an important milestone for Denis. He has been her teacher, guiding her practice and her teaching ever since. She now regularly attends and assist in Lino’s workshops in India and Italy, which are attended by hundreds of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners from around the world every year.
Lino’s emphasis on the breath and correct vinyasa opened a door to a new understanding of Ashtanga Yoga. Experiencing the practice as a breathing practice, rather than emphasizing the physical aspect, has been a revelation and has made the practice a powerful transformational tool. 
In the past few years, Denis has continued exploring the breath and its potential to facilitate self-inquiry further through Pranayama (breathing) techniques under the guidance of Clive Sheridan.

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