Micaela Amarillo

Micaela Amarillo

I come from Uruguay, a small country in Latin America. Currently my home is in each city that receives me to explore it. I met yoga with travelers who came to my house but never practiced it in depth until 6 years ago I started living in a community where yoga was daily in our day to day. The AcroYoga also came to my house together with Arturo more than 3 years ago. Together we start a one-way trip, dreaming and discovering an infinite number of possibilities with the practice of AcroYoga.

Teaching Acroyoga is a beautiful challenge and an opportunity that the Universe gave me. I have taught in yoga retreats, private and group classes, also in circus conventions in Uruguay and Paraguay with Arturo

In addition to teaching acroyoga we have a street show with which we travel, enjoying sharing and showing this practice. Uruguay was the place where the ideas of doing something different with the AcroYoga came to light with our show, we participated in several events,and made street shows.


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