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Mandala Dance certification workshop, level 1

This is a dance certification workshop where you can get a certificate for holding regular Mandala dance classes.

Mandala Dance is built on the principle of the “flower of life” in accordance with sacred geometry. In our body there are life centers —seven chakras. We dance elements of eights, circles, spirals and waves. The basic form is the figure of eight, through which we connect all centers and directions and balance our energy.Spirals and waves give the direction to the energy. Circles combine all various dance patterns that we dance. During the dance we visualize rainbow light of eights, harmonizing energy field of our body.

Those who want to get a certificate must do the basic workshop “Mandala — Birth” with Tanhit or “Basics of Life” with Maya. Those who haven’t done it can take part in a mandala dance workshop for a personal practice.

For registration please contact Julia +7(926) 326-70-76 ( calls and WhatsApp)

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