Lida Canonne

After a business school and a few years working in different areas including events, I still could not find myself ...

The taste of travel, adventure but also this human adventure , our complexity in which we get lost so often, attracted me with great pace!

I spent my time reading psychology, different methods of caring for the body and mind; NLP, hypnosis; the different spiritual currents and their correlations with quantum physics ..., but surely too young to embody so much information in a body that I did not master yet

It took me a few more years; then the birth of my daughter and the experiences and unlikely meetings to get into an opportunity without knowing where to go to take me. I was engaged for 2 years in a very medical training Pilates teacher (Amy Alpers Boulder, Colorado) where I am passionate about medicine and the human body.

Diploma in my pocket, I did not want to do my job but life pushed me to try ...

A short time later, a serious injury led me to more subtlety (fascia therapy); then other emotional wounds, towards Somato psycho pedagogy; a method for which I am also passionate, that I study and exercise on my body for years.

Convinced that every difficult moment of life is an invitation to change ; after a painful separation I went to India; in an Ashram (Sivananda) where I "met" Yoga and has since exercised it with passion.

But the adventure was just beginning because at the same time that I was practicing, I became interested in so many other methods and bodily approaches: sensory gymnastics, Gyro Kinesis, Feldenkreis ... and later in London where I became professor of Garuda (with James D'Silva).

Then nutrition, well-being (chrono-nutrition ...), Phyto therapy (healing with plants) ...

How to stop once launched in this beautiful research that is the human body, I know today that I am and will always be an eternal student.

And how not to marry all this with a philosophy of life, spirituality, energy body ... which invites every moment to go further, in the search for self to understand the human, welfare and happiness; this just the balance so fragile sometimes but attainable, today, I know it.

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