Kali Pearce

Kali is an experienced practitioner and yoga teacher trained in Hatha, Yin and Flow. A decade of practice, training and teaching have evolved to incorporate two ends of the spectrum from deep medative yin to a slow but strong hatha providing plenty of opportunity to immerse and connect within. She gratefully draws inspiration from some of her favourite teachers: Tias Little, Sarah Powers, John Scott, LeelaSarti, ThichNhat Hahn, BhanteGunaratana. As a meditation enthusiast, Kali shares guidance and insight from regular silent retreats and daily practice which has been profoundly transformative in terms of her own personal development.

Kali’s teaching style encourages practitioners to sense into the subtle realms of the body for deep connection and awareness through blended somatic movement, hatha, yin and meditation. By cultivating sensitivity to the body we are able to build strength where we may feel weak, promote surrender and space where tension lies and offer kindness and compassion to our state of being, whatever that may be.

As a nature lover, healthy living advocate, well-being activist and happiness enthusiast, Kali promotes Yoga & natural health as a way of life.  She has oodles of knowledge to share on how you can enhance your life by making tweaks to promote self love, radiant health, vibrant energy and ultimately more contentment and happiness.

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