Juan Pablo Barone Gea

Juan is a multi instrumental musician, music producer, music teacher and vibrational therapist with sacred sound and teacher plants. He studied clasical, popular and ethnical music for more than 15 years, investigating diferent areas of music related to arts. 

The spiritual path was shown by several amazonian chamanic teachers, transpersonal psychology, Vipassana meditation and self inquiry. He is passionate about sharing tools of self knowledge through arts and profound meditative practices.

“Spirituality lives in all things, each experience, every day of our lives is a chance of coming to our esence. The music, sound and arts are doors that leads us to it”. 


Juan graduated in music studies in Santa Ana Conservatory, specialized in piano and guitar at a very young age. He soon begun his teaching career and worked during ten years teaching in schools as music teacher to kids from different ages.

Juan has been studying the use of musical instruments as therapy for vibrational and energetic therapy. Inspired by his travels through indigenous communities in South America he created "Sanamúsica", a vibrational sound therapy with ethnical instruments. 

Juan is a musical producer and has produced and recorded his own albums “Vuelos de Mercurio", “Cisne” and "Canciones para curar - Vol.1"  belonging to his solo project called GEA, with which he performs live.

He co-created Yoga y Sonido, offering retreats and tools of self knowledge through the eight limbs of yoga and the vibrational power of sound.

Website and projects at: https://universogea.com

Music: https://geamusic.bandcamp.com

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