Jo Crowder

Hi, I‘m Jo, an International Wellness Retreat Organiser and a multi-style Yoga Alliance Certified teacher, practicing for over 25 years and teaching for the last ten. During the summer months, I run Tranquil Times Holistic Retreat in Varna, Bulgaria and I'm also a Transformational Life Coach, Reiki Master/teacher, Gong/Sound Therapist, Energy Worker and Curative Hypnotherapist.

Initially attracted to yoga for its mental and spiritual aspects, I later had a powerful lesson in yoga's healing benefits on my body and mind after damaging my neck and back in three different car accidents! I found that yoga healed me far quicker than conventional western methods and the doctors were surprised at my progress. These accidents however, left a weakness in my spine and from then onwards yoga became an integral part of my life.

My intention is to inspire my students to connect with themselves, exploring and discovering their unique potential in a safe and healing environment. Between 75-90% of illness and disease stems from an emotional source, so it's important that we consider the mind and don't see yoga purely as a physical activity. Our world has become so fast paced and fuelled by stress, causing an upsurge in mental health problems, especially anxiety and depression. In order to counteract this and provide some balance, I feel we need a practice to slow things down, to try to find some inner peace, whilst increasing our energetic vibration to promote happiness and joy within.

I work closely with the chakras and meridians, to help balance and unblock energy that's stuck, alongside the healing power of guided meditation and qigong. I teach intuitively depending on my students needs. My classes are fun and engaging, drawing on aspects of different yoga styles and energy work, emphasizing awareness of mind, body, and breath whilst focusing on correct alignment. I also work with fascinating modalities such as past life regression and releasing family karma in order to help my students to recognise and heal aspects of their lives that are causing day-to-day challenges.

Over the years, having a thirst for anything new, I have practiced, studied and been influenced by various styles of Yoga and enjoy teaching a mix of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha/Sivananda, Restorative and energy work.

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