Helping with your Human Touch - Shiatsu Work Shop

Helping with  your human touch - Shiatsu work shop
In this workshop we'll learn simple and powerful ways to help our love ones to relax  and come back to a peaceful and loving mind. 
We'll experience giving and receiving shiatsu from each other with a great attention to the quality of the shiatsu touch given and received.  
Shiatsu touch is the most natural and accepting way of  therapeutic touch and anyone can learn how to use it and how to influence stress related issues ,pain and soreness, emotional imbalance and many other issues.
We will learn about : 
*The concept and the sensation of qi healing energy
* Proper body work and the qualitys of shiatsu touch 
*  front body shiatsu sequence 
* Back body shiatsu sequence 
*Head and face shiatsu sequence 
About Shai your Teacher :
For the last 23 years Shai is  practicing and teaching Chinese medicine in Haifa and tlv  Israel . 
He taught for 20 years in RIDMAN, the biggest complimentary medicine school in Israel and was the head of shiatsu department and trained generations of therapists.
* ×´Therapy is my art and teaching this art brings me joy and awareness. I Would love to show you a way to get closer to yourself and to others ,the way of therapeuitic touch×´
* This will be a five hours workshop with a one hour break for lunc
*Time:10am - 12.30pm BREAK 1.30pm - 4pm
* Please come with comfortable  and clean clothing ,fresh pair of socks and a longi
* The work that we'll be doing involves being on your knees . 

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