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Happy Yoga Immersion & Detox - French

Happy yoga immersion & detox

“ Yoga CittaVrittiNirodha”, Patanjali, Yoga-Sûtra N°2

The mind is by nature in constant agitation. According to the Hindu theory, it is continually transformed into the form of the objects of which it becomes aware. His subtle substance assumes the forms and colors of all that presents itself to him, through the senses, the imagination, the memory, the emotions. The mind is thus in a continual undulation, like the surface of a pond in the breeze. Left to his fate, he would never present himself as a perfect mirror, for this to happen it would be necessary to stop all the impressions of the senses coming from the outside but also the impulses from within. Yoga, stammers the mind. And as soon as this transformation is accomplished, the inner being reveals itself.

Retirement may be suitable for everyone. We will use the body, word and spirit to understand that dissatisfaction and happiness are subject to impermanence and change, then to recognize what love and compassion are, and then to address yoga exercises using the re-representations of nadis (subtle channels) and bindus (principal drops). In these practices are physical exercises, breathing, songs and studies. Their realization will dispel the darkness of the negativities of both the body and the spirit and will radiate as sun and moon the light of happiness and happiness.

“ Samâdhi Pada “, Patanjali, Yoga-Sûtra, chap. 1

In joy, yoga consists, one could say, to set foot, to take the path and stick to it, all components of being perfectly connected, in the direction of Being.



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