Darshana- A Bharatanatyam Appreciation Workshop

Darshana- A Bharatanatyam Appreciation Workshop

This workshop combines the two ancient  forms of Yoga and  the Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam.  Both the forms are complimentary to each other. Music based on Patanjali’s yoga sutras will help the participants to  move with great ease. Whether  you are a dancer, dance lover or a yoga enthusiasts this workshop will enhance the interest of the participant in both the forms.

Number of hours : 4 split in to 2 days (Saturday and Sunday)

Dress code: loose and comfortable clothes.

Bharatanatyam - “Must be very complicated so I don’t think I want to try it”, “It only depicts mythological characters”, “I don’t want to go to a Bharatanatyam concert because I won’t understand a thing”. Yes, Indian classical dance forms are not simple dance movements that one can learn in a few hours’ time. But one has to make an attempt to understand it and slowly start appreciating it. The several misconceptions and apprehensions make people stay away from these forms.

In an attempt to understand the dance forms a workshop called Darshan has been organized by Namita Bodaji each month at Devarya Wellness in North Goa. One of the meanings of the Sanskrit word “Darshana” means experiencing. In this workshop the participants experience the joy of learning an ancient Indian classical dance form.

 Bharatanatyam, the glorious dance from Tamilnadu is known for its precision and symmetry. The basic dance units or steps-adavus- involve lot of intricate footsteps and hand movements that once mastered lead a student to the next step of learning the more difficult pieces. Darshan means viewing or inspecting.  This 2 hour workshop will take the dance enthusiasts to not only view but learn variety of basic adavus or steps and abhinaya or the art of expression. Adavus are the so-called building blocks of Bharatnatyam are divided into sets. This workshop will cover a variety from each set. The sheer opening out of the hands, leaping movements and rhythmic flavour makes this dance joyous.

Abhinaya is the art of expression. The dancer through the vehicle of Abhinaya has to reach out to the spectators exhibiting the meaning of what one depicts. The dancer has an enormous resource bank to communicate a story, an idea, and her emotions. She uses her body, her limbs, hands, face and her eyes to express her ideas. The dancer has to draw the audience into her world. This two-way process creates “rasa” which is compared to a spiritual experience. The main purpose of dance is to evoke Rasa, which means sentiment or flavor among the audience.

Number of hours and days: 11am - 1pm Saturday and Sunday 

November 17th and 18th 2018
December 22nd and 23rd 2018
January 26th and 27th 2019
February 9th and 10th 2019
March 2nd and 3rd March 2019
April 6th and 7th 2019
Price: 6000 inr per person for both days
Accommodation is available at Devarya Wellness - please contact reservations@devaryawellness.com for more information

No previous experience of dance needed.

Alternate names besides Darshana- “Kaleidoscope of movements and expressions through Indian classical dance”

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