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Certification workshops of Maya's practices


On the second level we have initiated the process of our realization and have opened our creative potential. On the third level – workshop Maturity,  we acquire qualities, which allow us to materialize our potentiality into concrete form. Knowing our aspects and potential, we learn how to do offering with our creativity to the world. We share the fruit of our knowledge, wisdom and love with the whole world.

Maturity is a great time. After Birth and Blossoming, we have come to the harvesting, reaping the fruit of our soul. This workshop is unique and shows the results of our work with ourselves. In fully awareness we scan our life in accordance with each chakra. And we tune them into their fullness and balance. We bring maturity to ourselves.


2 certification workshops:

1st workshop. Practices of body alignment

14-16 January

This workshop is for those who conduct body practices, as well as an opportunity to expand and deepen a personal practice. It is also very important for Mandala dance facilitators. The workshop is focused on conscious body alignment, on a work with its structure, channels, centers and the flow of body energy through movement. This will help to coordinate and harmoniously combine the work of the left and right brain hemispheres and left and right sides of the body, to align its coordination and rhythms and also to develop the skill of being in presence at the level of consciousness, energy and physical body.

At the workshop we work with following practices:

• Wave yoga

• Work with joints and ligaments

• Dance warm up

The body practices, which will be transmitted at the workshop, help to develop the following aspects:

• To balance our state of consciousness

• Conscious living of rhythms and cycles

• To connect centers and channels in the body, to unite female and male energies

• Health, flexibility, body strength

• Structure in life

• To set goals and to achieve them

• Rhythm, discipline, will power

• Fluidity and relaxation

• Conscious  living

For getting a certificate you need to do the workshop "Basics of life" or "Birth" or to have a rich experience of basic workshops and at least 4 years of spiritual and physical practices.

2nd workshop. The practices of reprogramming at the soul level.

17-19 January

Only for those people who are focused on conducting workshops, working with people in a group or individually. The practices transmitted at the workshop include a work with the information fields of the soul and the transformation of the subconscious levels. We will learn:

• To transform negative past experience

• To clean the pain- body

• To transform all experience into wisdom

• To shape the present consciously through wisdom, love and free choice.

• To come out of old scripts into the loving conscious living, shaping our future

• To come out of unconscious parts into free choice, returning yourself into responsibility, clarity and freedom.

Maya will transmit the practices of working with the soul, the information fields, cleansing and reprogramming the negative past experience of the soul.

For participation it is required to do the workshop "Basics of life" or "Birth" and "Blossoming", as well as to have an experience of spiritual practices for at least 5 years.

To participate, send to the organizer Julia the following information: biography, intention and photo.

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