How Yoga Helps A Person Conquer Weight

Devarya Wellness posted on 10 July 2019

Having decided to shed the extra pounds, you must have singled out the best yoga teacher training India. Read on to learn the science behind it.

Yoga has gained a lot of popularity as an all-round fitness technique. And with the world continually heading towards unhealthy food habits leading to widespread obesity, a lot of people are flocking towards yoga to lose weight. Several studies have also shown the effectiveness of yoga to lose weight. A lot of us like to take time out and go to exotic locales to pursue yoga to lose weight. Yoga helps you transform yourself inside out. It relies on the principles of healing all three layers i.e., the mind, the body, and soul. The central dogma in a good yoga teacher training is that all these three layers are dependent upon each other and affect each other.  One layer cannot be fit while the other is in disrupted mode. Here is what you can learn through your yoga teacher training in Goa about the application of yoga to lose weight.

Beginning with the mind

Yoga helps you see things through a new light. It enables you to achieve consciousness, feel more connected and gain awareness. This way, you learn to detach yourself from your ego which is the prime culprit pushing you towards unhealthy habits.  Your soul is set free from the ego, and you will begin to find pleasure in things that will feel good rather than those that feel good for your ego and have you caught in a never-ending loop. In turn, you move towards, healthier lifestyle and food choices which will help you lose weight.

As a part of your yoga teacher training in Goa, you will also learn how to teach and encourage a healthy diet, lifestyle and an overall wellness regimen. You will find yourself craving and finding satisfaction in healthy juices from fresh fruits and vegetables rather than binging on junk. This very principle is where yoga brings a difference from regular weight loss diet programs. It brings a shift in perspective motivating you to eat healthily rather than forcing you on a two-week diet plan, hence helping you lose weight and also keep it that way.

Targeting the body

The effectiveness of yoga to lose weight by targeting the body through asanas and various yoga styles are glaringly apparent. The different postures directly focus on weight loss giving you a stronger leaner muscle. Not just that, every pose in yoga offers detoxification at some level.  People who are overweight or obese might worry that they may not be able to do the yoga poses, but the yoga community has evolved a lot and developed techniques suited for all body types. The very design of the yoga poses is to target several areas of the body not just one unlike the machines at the gym. If you are looking for a more intensive form of yoga to lose weight there are specialized ones like vinyasa yoga, bikram yoga, paddle yoga, yoga hiking, etc. which can produce higher weight loss effects.

Some poses that you may want to do more if you are using yoga to lose weight are:

  • The Static Tiger Pose
  • Upward Plank Pose
  • Warrior II Pose
  • Wide-Legged Forward Bend
  • Half Boat Pose
  • Revolved Lunge Pose

The list is endless. The fact is that even the simplest of poses like the sun salutation, result in energy expenditure of up to 230 Kcal.

Diving into your Soul

Through a yoga practice, you will be able to awaken your soul. You will now find that the things that used to please you earlier no longer do and you still have the peace and contentment. The elimination of destructive habits will directly contribute to weight loss and fit body.

When you choose yoga to lose weight, you will have better tuning of your mind, body, and soul. Your self-image and sense of well being get heightened. You begin following a healthier lifestyle with consistent yoga practice and will find that you can listen to the needs of your body. In other words yoga, offers a holistic way forward in your weight loss regimen.

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