Styles of Yoga

Devarya Wellness posted on 07 December 2018

A synergy of Yoga postures, movements, sequences with breath and awareness, to deeply internalise the awareness with the movements and prepare for deep meditation in seated postures.

Utilizing the intensity and momentum of light dumbbells to not only enhance the physical effect but also to concentrate the mind deeply and channelize the awareness deeper inwards in a meditative flow.

Utilizing the traditional practise of Nyasa in the form of Yog Nidra (psychic sleep), for removing deep rooted stresses from the sub-conscious mind, to achieve the deepest levels of relaxation, which results in deep healing of ailments.

Assessing the practitioners requirements and then putting together a combination of modern forms of concentration to prepare for the traditional forms of deep meditation (Antar Mouna, Ajapa Jap, Chidakasha Dharana, Chakra Shuddhi etc) to prepare for unfoldment of our deeper ‘SELF’.

Utilizing a combination of Hatha Yoga, Surya Namaskara, Pranayamas, Deep Relaxation, Meditation to cure most ailments at physical and mental level.

Unfolding the deep spiritual knowledge through simple talks of practical relevance of inner growth in day to day life. Psycho-spiritual counselling for developing deeper perspectives of life, meaning, existence.

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