An Open Letter

Devarya Wellness posted on 14 September 2017

Welcome to our first Devarya Wellness Blog. It seemed only appropriate that our first blog was dedicated to the Devarya Wellness journey and the perfect way to give a heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported it in some way or another.

My first experience of “yoga” in my home state of Rajasthan was heavily influenced by culture and my close family. Here yoga for us was a deep rooted value system, centered on the security of our family and inner self. The importance of love, care and respect for self, others, community and our environment was the daily thread that bound us. From a very young age I had developed strong personal values and beliefs that still to this day I carry and honor. I feel extremely blessed to have been given the gift of such awareness from so early on in my life.

My desires to learn, explore and travel were accelerated by the urge to provide and give back to my family and community for the invaluable lessons they had given me, and so I left Rajasthan. I spent many of my early years educating myself in different cultures, history and languages by travelling and moving around. During my travels I met and connected with people from all walks of life, all with a beautiful story to tell and something to teach me. Most importantly, I met and connected with new dimensions of myself because of all the things I had learned.  After some time settling in Bombay it occurred to me that I was living an urban city life, it was fast paced and chaotic.  Somewhere in my desires to evolve and become successful, I had lost balance in my life and the root of awareness, to just be still and connect deeply to everything around me. I knew in this moment that my path must change again.  And so my journey of personal evolution brought me here, to Goa. A state surrounded by tropical greenery, peaceful beaches and conscious minded people from all over the world. Also a state known for a heavy tourist population and wild nightlife, an extreme balance in itself.  And so my lesson in the meaning of modern yoga began some years ago here in Goa during my time managing a yoga retreat centre. Here I was not only able to work but also learn and practice the modern evolution of yoga and all that comes with it. These practices and lessons over time reconnected me with my childhood yoga root value system, and it was then I found my own personal balance of life. Something I wished to share with others.

My vision and dream was to create a space of my own where the essence of yoga in its entirety could be shared and practiced. Influenced by my own personal experiences of yoga as a belief system and the modern evolution of it. To empower others around the world so that they too, can find their balance.

Most importantly a space where my children (Dev and Arya) and my family could experience and live a free, liberated and joyful life on a daily basis. With a deep rooted value system surrounded by their family every day, like minded souls and the traditional benefits of modern yoga.  

The process of building and setting up any business is difficult, and during the last two years I have learned that it is okay for things to take a new path. Failings are not to be regretted, they are simply lessons to be learned. It is how we evolve through life and our reactions to life’s lessons that define us, good or bad. And as a result I now have this beautiful space in Devarya Wellness to share with you all.

After a successful opening in December 2016 we are now approaching our second full season. We have some exciting extensions to the resort being constructed as we speak, our beach front Chia Cafe, Wooden Beach Cottages and our salt water pool. I would like to thank family, friends old and new, our guests and most importantly my staff team for your support and encouragement over the last two years. Devarya Wellness has become everything I had dreamed of, a place of beauty and balance. Not just a Yoga Retreat Centre but a space where awareness and evolution of one’s self can take place by all who visit us here.

To have faith in yourself, in what this wonderful life can deliver you and in the power of your personal vision will lead you to whatever your heart desires.

I look forward to seeing you all at Devarya Wellness soon.

Chandra Parihar

Founder, Devarya Wellness


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