Ben Mackinnon

My name is Ben Mackinnon. I am passionate about Yoga and helping others reach their potential and have over 20 years experience working with clients achieve their various goals as a Personal Trainer, Massage therapist and Yoga Teacher. I believe I can enrich you in the following ways: - As a Yoga Teacher due to my broad experience teaching many different demographics and levels of Yoga. - Through relevant and diverse workshops and retreats ranging from stress reduction to lucid dreaming to sound healing and inversions and handstands. - As a trainer of Yoga Teachers from the 200 to 500 level due to my background teaching on YTTs modules topics such as meditation, pranayama, anatomy and physiology, Yin Yoga, asana, sequencing, yoga for anxiety, depression and PTSD along with lucid dreaming and dream as a form of self enquiry. I have a strong anatomy and physiology background and am qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing specialising in mental health along with qualifications in Massage Therapy and Pilates. I believe in the power of regular yoga practise to help people live better lives in a world where it is becoming increasingly challenging to find internal stability.

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