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Avin Mittal

About Avin

Avin has been teaching Yoga since 2004 after having completed his M.A. in Yoga Psychology from Bihar School of Yoga – Munger. He has been teaching mainly in Bangalore and Gurugram/Delhi, at fitness centers and ayurvedic centers.

After intense silent meditation for 2 years and having followed the Upanishads, Taoism and Buddhism, he intuitively created the DhyanYog programs. The beauty of the program is its simplicity and practicality while maintaining effectiveness and depth.

DhyanYog By Avin

Journey to oneself

A thoughtfully crafted program comprising of mindful Hatha Yoga postures, conscious Vinyasa flow and deep Meditation, leading to raising the level of awareness to a higher dimension.

We may travel the entire universe but until we undertake the journey within, life would be incomplete and unfulfilled. This journey can commence when we learn the art and science of turning the awareness inwards.

DhyanYog by Avin is an easy to follow, practical program, which can easily be picked up in a few carefully crafted sessions. It synergizes the body-mind-spirit and opens up the higher dimensions, latent in all beings.


M.A. Yoga Psychology, BSY-Munger

Mentoring and teaching since 2004 

  • Hatha Yoga (Postures and movements)
  • Vinyasa Yoga (Surya Namaskara and flow sequences)
  • Yoga Nidra (Shavasana and deep relaxation)
  • Dhyana (AntarMouna and Chidakasha meditations)
  • Achieving communion with Inner Stillness and Silence
  • Psycho-spiritual introduction and counseling.

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