Deboshree Roy Chowdhury

About Myself-
Deboshree Roy Chowdhury is a professional aerialist and dancer with a background of over 10 years spent in training. She has trained in Yoga all through her dancing career and specializes in Hatha Yoga and Aerial Flow certified by the UK Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching extensively and passionately to help people become stronger and more connected to themselves.
My Purpose-
My main aim is to make people conquer their fears and become stronger mentally and physically. For that purpose, aerial flow is my means. To fly, to do anything that is anti gravity requires not just strength but also the courage to let go of a lot of our fears. And in doing so and conquering our fears in one facet of our lives, we trickle that confidence into all arenas of our life, creating a base for a stronger mind which can then walk the path of meditation and understanding the self fearlessly. 

Trusting one's body is of key importance and through aerial flow, I have begun to see that marvellous change in the lives of my students and its my deepest desire to spread that knowledge furthermore.
Our Curriculum-
My entire curriculum is an amalgamation of my knowledge in dancing, aerial and yoga. All of the asanas that are present and passed down from time immemorial, have their own version in aerial flow.
Some of the asanas that remain a constant through the class are -
SIRSHASANA (hanging headstand)
SARVANGASANA (shoulderstand)
DHANURASANA (bow pose)
UPAVISHTHAKONASANA (Extended leg stretch)
ARDHA KAPOTASANA (half pigeon pose)
VIRABHADRASANA (warrior pose)
The rest of the class flows using the help of soothing music to aid people in finding the connections from one asana to the next. It isn't the asana in itself that is of utmost importance but the way it is executed and the state of the mind while executing it. Each body is different and must be given the space and time to express itself in its best possible way.

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