Chakra Cottages

Our Chakra Cottages and Junior Cottages are situated less than a one minute walk from the sandy Morjim Beach and opposite our beach front Chia Lounge Restaurant. Each of the twelve cottages are surrounded by palm trees and the luscious tropical greenery that Devarya Wellness prides itself on. Each Chakra Cottage & Junior Cottage has a glass front offering you a light and airy space during your stay

All our Cottages’ come with a comfortable bed, private bathroom, storage cupboard, fan, air conditioning and a private balcony. Our Chakra Cottages have twin or king size beds that can accommodate a comfortable, double or twin sleeping arrangement. 

Our Chakra Cottage Juniors are smaller in size and have only a kingsize bed, ideal for couples, lone travellers or friends who do not mind to share a bed. Junior Cottages are ideal for budget travelers seeking a more luxury room. 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word translating into “spinning wheel”. Ancient yogic wisdom tells us there are seven main energy centers in our body. Each of our chakras flows with a color-coded vibration frequency in the universe which can influence our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When our chakras are perfectly aligned with the universal flow of energy, every aspect of our life becomes harmonious and we are able to connect to our bliss. At Devarya Wellness, we have carefully designed our colourful Chakra rooms and cottages to compliment our various chakras.

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