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Sahasrara – Violet

Our Sahasrara Chakra room represents the seventh Chakra, called the Crown Chakra. The Crown is located at the top of our head. Sahasrara is a thought element; it is associated with the colour violet. The Crown Chakra is considered to be beyond senses.

Sahasrara translated means one thousand petals.

Symbolising of unity, consciousness, awareness, understanding, bliss and enlightenment.

Should you wish to work with the Sahasrara chakra energy more intensely within your Chakra Suite you may also consider:

Stones – Diamond, Amethyst or Clear Quartz

Essential oils – Myrrh, Violet or Frankincense

Sahasrara room mantra “I am intelligent, I am aware, I am at one with everything, I have a connection with divine energy”

The Sahasrara Chakra room has a private bathroom, private balcony, a fan, air conditioner, built-in wardrobe and two twin four post bed that could be combined to make a king size bed. All of our rooms are fully furnished with Rajasthani beautiful furniture and modern amenities.

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